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Garden Gear Warranty Terms and Conditions


To benefit from our extended warranty, you must register your product purchase within 30 days of the date of ordering. To register your product visit you will need to enter your name and contact details, along with the product code and name, order number and date of purchase (all of which can be found on your order confirmation.) Please keep a copy of your order confirmation safe for future reference.


After we have verified your warranty as valid, we will then give you the information on how to return your product for inspection and testing. We will cover the initial cost of return postage. You need to contact us for a return's authorisation number, then send the product/s back in the original packaging along with a covering note explaining reasons for returning, the authorisation number and a copy of the original order confirmation. After inspection/testing, should we find that the product is not faulty or defective then you will be responsible for the cost of transporting the product to and from our warehouse, we will not, under any circumstances, be responsible for the cost of transporting the product, should we believe that it is not a valid warranty claim.

Once we have inspected and tested the product, should we believe (in our sole opinion) that the warranty claim is valid, we will then (at our discretion) repair or replace the product or defective part.

What cannot be used for a warranty claim

The below list details under what circumstances a warranty claim cannot be made:

  • Damage caused by fire, theft or weather damage.
  • Incorrect use or handling of the product. Using the product for anything other than its intended use.
  • Accidental damage, neglect of the product, failure to properly maintain the product or unauthorised repairs to the product.
  • Failure to follow the instruction manual, resulting in a fault.
  • Fair wear and tear, vandalism or deliberate damage.
  • Using the product for business use or commercially.
  • You cannot claim for consumables such as lightbulbs, batteries, fuses etc.
  • Cosmetic damage, such as dents, scratches, deterioration to the product of any nature, changes in colour etc, where the function of the product is unaffected.
  • Inadequate or incorrect packaging of the product when returning to the warehouse.
  • Products that are not advertised as covered by the extended warranty. Only products advertised as having the extended warranty are included.
  • Any defect notified to us outside of the extended warranty period, or if you have failed to register the product in line with our registration terms and conditions.
  • Any products which are supplied for use outside of the United Kingdom.
  • Any loss suffered as a result of not being able to use the product, any loss over and above the price of the product when purchased.



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